P/M Benefits

  • Elimination or minimization of machining
  • Elimination or minimization of scrap losses
  • Maintains close dimensional tolerances
  • Accommodates a wide variety of alloy systems
  • Produces good surface finishes
  • Produces materials that can be heat-treated for increased strength or wear resistance
  • Provides controlled porosity for self-lubrication or filtration
  • Facilitates the manufacture of complex or unique shapes which would be difficult or impossible to produce with other metalworking processes
  • Suited to moderate to high volume component production requirements
  • Offers long-term performance reliability in critical applications
  • Cost effective


  • gear

    AdvantagesPowder metallurgy (P/M) is an efficient and versatile method for manufacturing ferrous and non-ferrous machine parts and electrical and electronic components By mixing powders and compacting the mixture in a die, the resulting shapes are sintered, that is, heated in a controlled-atmosphere furnace to bond the particles metallurgically.

The diagram on the left shows the P/M process, which is cost effective in producing simple or complex parts at, or very close to, final dimensions in a variety of production rates ranging from a few hundred to several thousand parts per hour.

SMC Powder Metallurgy allows its customers to realize significant savings on a wide range of P/M products.


Tool Design / Development Capabilities

SMC maintains a modern and well equipped tool room capable of performing all tooling maintenance and repairs as well as some new tool construction.

       • 3D Capabilities
       • Simple Stress Analysis
       • Autodesk Inventor (3D Modeling & Assembly)
       • Esprit (linked to Inventor)
       • 2D Auto-Cad
       • Rapid Prototypes

Compacting Capabilities

       • 11 Presses ranging from 45 – 825 max ton.
       • Multi-Action.
       • Single level to six levels.
       • Warm Pressing Capabilities.
       • Automated green part handling
       • Automated part weighing
       • Automated part measurement
*Our Cooling systems are “closed looped” – Making it non-damaging to the environment, and ‘GREEN’ technology.


Sizing / Coining Capabilities

       • 5 Presses ranging from 45 – 200 max ton.
    *In Addition, SMC also has an assembly machine, which is used to press two parts into a single assembly.

Sintering Capabilities

        • 9 furnaces total
        • Atmosphere controlled sintering (Hydrogen & Nitrogen) & (100% Hydrogen)
        • High temperature sintering up to 2400F
    *Our Cooling systems are “closed looped” – Making it non-damaging to the environment, and ‘GREEN’ technology.


Quality Capabilities

        • CMM’s (Automated and Manual)
        • Density Scales
        • Automated Robotic Vision System (Multi-Camera)
        • Resonant Inspection System
        • Data Collection System
        • Gear Measurement System

In-house Secondary Capabilities

        • Vibratory Finishing     • Rust Inhibit Dip
        • Oil Impregnation
        • Assembly
        • Sinter Bonding
        • Honing

Outside Secondary Capabilities

        • Sealing
        • Drilling
        • Tapping
        • Machining
        • Grinding
        • Lapping
        • Plating
        • Heat Treating
        • Induction Hardening
        • Ultra Sonic Cleaning
        • Grit Blasting
        • Steam Treating
        • Color Coding
        • Black Oxide
        • E – Coating
        • Infiltration
        • Staking, Riveting and Swaging
        • Reaming
        • Shot Peening
        • High Energy Tumble
    **SMC produces Nitrogen, in its own Nitrogen facility.